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Due to the COVID-19 situation, we recommend students who tend to learn at home to take online courses. We welcome not just Hong Kong residents but everybody, doesn’t matter where you are located at! For more information, please contact us via Whatsapp +852 55370299 or leave us a message below.

We teach all levels! You are welcome to join us whether you have non existent knowledge of Spanish or you are close to achieve a fluent proficiency level! However, since the teachers are native Spanish speakers and they do not speak Chinese, we request the students to have basic notions of English. The class will be conducted in English if necessary.

All our teachers hold a minimum of one educational degree along with educational certificates and they all have from 5 to 10+ years of experience in the education field. They have been teaching in various countries with a wide range of different students and institutions. 

All you need to do is to take a look at our courses and choose the one you wish. Then, you can text us in WhatsApp +852 55370299 and we will help you to choose the right course and schedule. You can also text us directly if you wish. In case you already know some Spanish but you are not certain of your level, you can take the Level Test (find it at the top right side of the website). Our teachers will review it and assign your appropriate level!

Yes! Of course you can! We strongly advise the students to contact us regarding this matter, providing the student’s background and future goals in order to advise you correctly! You could take more than one course at a time as long you can keep up with it! 

Online courses are no different from in-class courses. Since the first Covid-19 outbreak, we all have been forced to adapt our work to the online world. In iTutors we have adapted very well and we prepare and train our teachers for the online lessons. We use Zoom! You will feel no difference! 

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