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Do you want to learn Spanish but you are afraid that it might be hard or boring? At iTutors, we not only teach the Spanish language, but also the Spanish culture and tradition! 


Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world, with 560 million speakers, and is the official language of 20 countries! The opportunities for Spanish-speakers across the world are infinite! Whether you are planning to move to a Spanish-speaking country or you are just curious and love learning languages, iTutors is the best choice!


Why iTutors? Outstanding quality in learning resources, course design, premises and facilities, and the care of our students. We are loyal to our teaching method and confident in our highly qualified native teachers. We take pride in our hard work and how rewarding it is to walk our students to their goal. Take a step forward and join us! Welcome to iTutors!


Why Choose Us

Course Features

Experienced teachers

Our teachers are educational degree holders and have over 10 years experience in the educational field. They have been teaching in various countries with a wide range of diverse style of students and different types of institutions.

Learn At Your Own Pace

We want you to feel comfortable with our lessons and we will make sure to provide you the best course for you. If we feel that the course taken is too fast or difficult for you, or perhaps to slow, our teachers will communicate with us and we will make the appropriate changes.

Academic Certification

All our teachers have been academically prepared and their qualifications guarantee them. They all have achieved, at least, a BA or a Master degree related to education. Furthermore, they are all qualified examiners!

Designed for all levels

We have designed a total of 15 different courses for our students so we could assign you the one that suits you best. We welcome all levels, from A1 to C2!

Happy learning

Our goal is to make students feel like a part of our family and totally integrated into the Spanish culture when they study with us. We want iTutors to be a "little Spain" in Hong Kong!​


We value the feedbacks from our students in order to improve the quality of our lessons and prepare a better tailer course that brings out the best in each student.


Learn Something Every Day

Do you remember what it feels like to learn something new? It’s one of the most exciting and amazing experiences that a person could ever have. Memories are what keeps us alive!

What if that new thing is a language that you can use in more than 20 countries? Mind-blowing, right? We immerse our students into our culture, you will certainly feel connected to Spanish habits and life style. We will enhance your learning skills for you to give your best and achieve your goal!


What Learners Say

Trusted by them

Gary Chan

IT engineer

I started on the wrong course for me but was supported greatly in the transition to something better suited! All the stuff are so lovely and I feel truly cared for by my teachers. I have learned so much already and have been inspired from being surrounded by so much passion and talent. There are so many opportunities to play and create in a range of ensembles, and I am happy here.

Bella Choi


The student support has been amazing. Teachers and secretary were always there to assist my needs. This is school is not just about Spanish language but also about Spanish culture. So glad to have found them.

Christy Yip


The Facilities are amazing! My teacher is very passionate and dedicated. My son also learns from home with iTutors, the teacher comes home and it's really convenient.

Kate Ho


I always love to learn new languages. Learning Spanish here is one of the best decision I made! Learning Spanish here is fun and effective. LOVE IT!

Adam Lee


As a teacher, I know teaching is not an easy job and sometimes it's very difficult. But the teacher from iTutors is amazing, they teach well and answer my questions all the time. I would say they are very professional!

Mark Tse


Because of my job, I always need to talk to different people from all over the world. Spanish is one of the language I can use a lot. Teaching and material are great! Help me alot to communicate with my customers.

Join Our Community!

Chiu KChiu K
13:31 26 Mar 22
Amazing lesson! Love it!
Anthony DaviesAnthony Davies
06:12 25 Mar 22
Excellent! Would highly recommend them!
Bupu BupuBupu Bupu
06:07 25 Mar 22
Best teacher ever~
03:18 25 Mar 22
Fun classes and the facilities are great!
George SilverGeorge Silver
03:10 25 Mar 22
Amazing teachers, quality lessons